About us

Me , friends and helpers


Well - it's mainly me , Tim. (Seen above , close to home - but not with my Moke)


I do have the assistance of my wife and some helpers - mostly not paid !


I've had Minis since 1967 and we have had most variations over the years in our family. I worked in photography and advertising before I moved into the car business in the mid 1970's.


I moved into proper premises in 1981 in Putney in South West London and then to Gloucestershire in 1989 . We moved to the current premises in 1997.


In 2002 , I started racing a Mini for the first time. Initially in the one-make Mighty Minis series then since 2010 I have been racing a 1965 car in several historic series.


Somehow, I don't seem to have got bored yet


I have put some of my odds and sods of pics on the site here:


This is Steve , who used to help me , but has now moved on to ATA Classics
This is Tweeky (Paul) and Ryan , who also help on occasion
This is Stuart who captures my racing exploits as Surfblue63

My main premises (ex chicken shed)

This is the main building we use

Below are some of mine or my family's cars

My wife's current 1967 Woody estate (was a daily driver - now resting)
This is my re-shelled 1961 racer cum test bed toy
The other side looks a bit different
This is my Mighty Mini racer on the occasion of my daughter's wedding
It ended up with a few less stickers on it
This is my 1965 Racer before I drove over the bonnet
This is the current British Vita themed look. In good company

Below are some of the things we have done and got involved with over the years

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