Chassis / VIN plates & stamping

We supply Chassis / VIN plates stamped (from above) or embossed (from below) in the original style.


Chassis /VIN plates:

There are various styles and types. We will normally supply the correct style that relates to the age of your car and this is the main plate that identifies it. This aluminium plate was called the Chassis plate on pre August 1980 cars and has rounded ends. After this, the rectangular plate was called a VIN plate and was fitted in addition to the same number being stamped into the bodyshell.


There are other plates that were fixed to the car over the years listed below which you may wish to have reproduced to return it to as it would have been when new.


Commission Plate:

This was fitted to cars 1969-1980 in addition to the chassis plate as an extra way of identifying model and detail changes. It is not a vital part of the identity for legal purposes, and no records exist of the numbers with the original manufacturers. If you want a plate done to restore the car to as original as possible and you have lost the original, we can supply a plate and put on a number that would be approximately right for the age of the car according to our researches.


Engine number:

This is supplied together with the original type of fixings (these look like rivets but are actually a screw that is fixed in position by a hammer). See article below for more detail.


Body Number:

We can supply the earliest style of body number that was fitted on Mk1 cars. This was a stamped rectangular plate welded to the front slam panel.  We are unable to supply other steel embossed body production identity plates (such as the FE number above the radiator side panel) Later cars had an embossed steel body number plate on the slam panel that we are unable to supply.


We require a copy of the registration document for the vehicle if a chassis / VIN plate is required. This can be posted or a scan emailed.


We have an application form below which you can download .


We don't need proof of ownership for an engine number.


We process orders within approx 1 week. If you need a plate in a hurry, let us know.


Pictures of styles of chassis/VIN plates

Engine number plate . Original and repro. Pre 1967 type of plate.

Order form : Chassis/VIN/ Engine

Order form - Identity plate. 2017.docx
Microsoft Word document [34.3 KB]

Order form : Engine number (only)

Order form - Engine number. 2017.docx
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Here is some background information on engine numbers

Engine number detail - BMC type engines.[...]
Microsoft Word document [609.6 KB]

Here is an article that throws some detail on the history of ID plates , especially on Minis

Vin Plate article.doc
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