Chassis / VIN plates & stamping

We supply Chassis / VIN plates stamped (from above) or embossed (from below) in the original style.


There are various styles and types. We will normally supply the correct style that relates to the age of your car and this is the main plate that identifies it. This aluminium plate was called the Chassis plate on pre August 1980 cars and has rounded ends. After this, the rectangular plate was called a VIN plate and was fitted in addition to the same number being stamped into the bodyshell.


There are other plates that were fixed to the car over the years listed below which you may wish to have reproduced to return it to as it would have been when new. There is a file at the bottom to give some clues


We require a copy of the registration document for the vehicle if a chassis / VIN plate is required.

This can be posted or a scan emailed.


We have an application form below which you can download .


We don't need proof of ownership for an engine number.


We process orders within approx 1 week. If you need a plate in a hurry, let us know.


Typical style of engine plate:

Order form Chassis / VIN plates 2020

Order Form - Identity Plate March 2020.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [27.5 KB]

Background info on Chassis / VIN / Commission plates  used on Minis :

Info - Identity plate orders 2020.docx
Microsoft Word document [773.8 KB]

Order form : Engine number (only)

Order form - Engine number March[...]
Microsoft Word document [116.4 KB]

Background information on engine numbers

Engine number detail - BMC type engines.[...]
Microsoft Word document [609.6 KB]

We can now supply Body plates in the style of the  picture .


There is some detail in the information part of the ordering plates document I will add to the order form : £42 including vat

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